Monday, October 19, 2009

Custom Design

I had the privilege to create a pair of custom designed wedding rings for a couple in search of new rings to symbolize their commitment. They stumbled upon me at a First Thursday at the Northrup King and found a ring they both were drawn to for different reasons. I love to name my designs because they each have their own story, but I usually try to name them ambiguous enough so each person can interpret the design to their own experiences and not just fall into my interpretation- but I have not settled on a name for this design. I have called this reticulated sterling silver and fine silver granulation design "Nature's Crown", "Seedlings", "Wave" and the list goes on. This ring fit the couple so perfect for different reasons: He is a landscape artist and the swells and valleys of the silver reminded him of landscapes while she is a student studying agriculture and she preferred the seedling interpretation of the granulation. We oxidized the finished product to give them a very rustic, earthy feel. They seem as though they were just pulled from an archaeological dig. I was very excited about these rings and the meaning they both had for the couple. I hope they enjoy them for years to come.